Th3rd Product Scanner
th3rd delivers high quality creative 3D scanning solutions
3D scanning, 3D printing, CG, Computer Graphics,
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Th3rd Product Scanner

About This Project

Interested in our Product Scanner concept? Our team in CES Las Vegas 2019 is ready to answer all your questions. Just send a message to

Product Scanner

Product scanner by Th3rd is the solution for brands who want to have high resolution scans of their products, without having to invest in hardware, installation, training and licenses.

Our approach will give you consistent quality over all scans and can be tailored to the client demands. We offer a business solution for large companies which want to 3D scan a high volume of products (2.500 to 100.000 products per year) fit for ecommerce.

You pay per scan (starting at €75,- per automated scan, which lowers in price as the volume increases).

We will train your staff and offer full service and support.

Therefore, our clients digitize their products for e-commerce and marketing, creating a much more efficient way of creating all your media assets (photos, videos, 360 degree photo’s, but also for VR/AR mobile applications and holograms).

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